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Protect Your Civil and Human Rights with Video

Citizens are being Bullied, Beaten and Murdered by Law Enforcement

Stream LIVE through Facebook

Our mobile application is integrated with Facebook so you can start a LIVE Broadcast. Notify everyone in real-time.

Real-Time Streaming

Streaming LIVE allows users to present their video in front of the general pubic immediately.

File a Complaint

File your complaint against a law enforcement officer within your mobile app. We will forward your Complaint to the proper agency(s) to document your incident.

High Tech Features

Integreted with Facebook to allow LIVE Streaming

Social Media is vital tool that is needed to expose police misconduct

In order to expose police abuse, it must be recorded and uploaded immediately to social media. This greatly reduces the risk of a lost, or damaged video while in the custody of law enforcement.

Easy Integretion

Our mobile application is already easily integreted with social media.

Targeted Audience

Choose up to 10 other people to view your incident in real time.

The Power of a Written Complaint

We an Official Complaint is filed against a police officer, it should become a permanent record in his/her personnel file. This is very effective when an officer applies for a promotion, is considered for a lateral position, or applies for employment with another law enforcement agency. It is vitally important that a paper trail is found to document police misconduct. If your situation is not addressed, rest assured at some time in point in that officer’s career, it will be addressed.

Get the necessary assistance you need via email support.

FREE email support is available to all users of our Unlawful Stop Mobile App. Also, feel free to provide feedback.

User Friendly

Use a few simple steps to start your Facebook Livestream and invite others to view.

Clear Documentation

We can guide you to the necessary information to make sure your app functions correctly.

A Feature to Assist Users with Research/Resources

We provide information, and resources to assist those victimized by law enforcement.

A Feature to Assist Users with Research/Resources

Learn how, and where to complain about mistreatment by law enforcement. Many people that are confronted with excessive force issues have no idea who to complain to, or what they are entitled to as a citizen. Although we don’t provide legal advice, we can stir you in the right direction to receive the justice you deserve.

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Protect Your Civil Rights

Preserve your rights, and the rights of your fellow citizens when confronted by law enforcement in a public setting.

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Stream with Facebook LIVE

Use this mobile app to stream LIVE, a knowledgebase, file a Complaint and much more……

File Your Complaint Online

Once you file a Complaint, we will forward to the appropriate Agency(s).

Real Time Notification

Notify family, friends or others in real time. Also, file a Complaint within your mobile app against an officer, or specific agency.

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“Great – Just what I have been looking for fighting back in against unfair uk police procedures”

terry oakesManager @ Unlawful Stop

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